Indivisible Binghamton

Make Positive Change Happen.

Our Mission

Indivisible Binghamton is a group of people in the Greater Binghamton area, dedicated to peacefully ensuring that the values and rights enshrined in our nation’s Constitution are respected and upheld by our elected officials. Members generally agree with the progressive agenda, especially with regard to racial, ethnic, and religious diversity, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, environmentalism, and non-violent resistance.

Our commitment to fight

We are committed to supporting our national, state, and local representatives when they stand with us in fighting for progressive policies and actions, and will hold them accountable when they do not. On the national level, we’ll engage with the offices of our district Congressional Representative, Majority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, but with an added focus on the NYS legislature, Broome County and local municipalities.

They saw what was happening. So they mobilized. And they marched in numbers too big to ignore. And they got ready for Election Day.

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Frequently asked questions

The first step to understanding Indivisible’s mission is to read Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Fixing our Democracy. This summary of the national movement will answer a lot of your questions.

Indivisible Binghamton unites Greater Broome County in supporting elected officials who use their votes, both in Congress and locally, to positively impact the interests of their constituents. Our actions are informed by Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Fixing our Democracy, which details effective ways to influence members of Congress  (MoCs)  and other elected officials.

We influence our Members of Congress by expressing our views in four ways:

  • Meeting with our MoCs and their staffs.
  • Attending MoC-sponsored events, especially town halls.
  • Mass calling. Each week, Indivisible Binghamton members make regular calls to our MoCs or local officials.
  • Indivisible Binghamton corresponds with the public through postcard writing, letter writing, and rallies to engage the public with our organization and the “hot topic” issues of the government that affect our area and its citizens. The media is taking notice and we intend to use that attention to influence our MoCs and public policy.

Attend a meeting. This isn’t mandatory, but we encourage you to attend at least one meeting to get to know our Indivisible Chapter and observe how we operate.

  • Join our mailing list by submitting the form on our “JOIN INDIVISIBLE BINGHAMTON” page. You will receive information about recent and upcoming actions, and the date and time of our next meeting, as well as other information.​
  • Join our Facebook group

We are an inclusive group that welcomes people of all backgrounds and beliefs. Our only requirement for membership is active civic engagement and the following: ​

  • Respect other members’ privacy​
  • Be patient​
  • Be respectful​
  • Be welcoming​
  • Be courteous

We only ask that you make an effort to participate by calling your representatives on a regular basis and be involved in our events like postcard writing and showing up at rallies, when you are able. Calling representatives takes about 15 minutes. We provide samples of messages for postcard writing. You’ll have many opportunities to become further involved — for example, by attending meetings, voter registration drives, getting out the vote, campaign rallies, etc.

No. Reaching out to representatives is the most important part of our work, and you can do that without attending a meeting. We do encourage new members to attend a few meetings to meet our members, learn about our process, and participate in meeting our goals.

Certain committees have been formed to carry out the work of the Indivisible Binghamton Chapter. When you attend a meeting a full description of the work of each committee can be explained. Joining one is not mandatory, but a great way to contribute and to also get to know members.

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